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I am from velachery ,I had an excellent experience with ECS IELTS. They have helped me through the most toughest phase of my life. They handled all my queries very politely. Mr. Manoj has helped a lot in choosing the best universities and also got me quick responses from the universities in UK. 
And i scored Band 8 overall in IELTS, Thanks to the ECS IELTS team and my trainers Nithya & Kalai

ECS IELTS is a one stop solution for your IELTS training and overseas education. Being an applicant of 2018-19 admissions for my post graduation, I had an interesting journey throughout. Thanks to Mr. Haresh for guiding me through and staying persistent for my applications.  

ECS IELTS is one of the eminent IELTS Institutes in Chennai.The teaching pattern here will help every IELTS aspirants to acheive their desired scores without much hassle.Especially,the pattern based writing approach is par excellence and hence, I would vouch this institute for every IELTS candidates who desire to score 7.5 plus band.My Academic IELTS overall score -7.5 (S-7,W-7,L-8.5,R-8).  

One stop for IELTS and that’s ECS IELTS. I wasn’t sure about this institute at first but still I gave it a shot. I took my two weeks crash course (Many people told me crash course ain’t gonna work blah blah..) being there for more than two days I knew this is the place !! I got an overall Band 7.5 (L7,R6.5,S7.5,W7.5) I wasn’t able to complete my reading task with in 60 minutes ending up answering only 30 questions.. Hats off to ECS IELTS and my trainers for coming up with such simple methods and techniques.   

I had a wonderful experience at ECS IELTS , and it is undoubtedly one of the best IELTS coaching centres in chennai. All the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I really liked the learning techniques and methods. I’m really grateful to the teachers for helping me to clear IELTS.  

many candidates of IELTS exam find it pretty hard to secure a handsome score in some modules, especially in writing and speaking .I could assure anyone around here that the training that i experienced in ECS IELTS was much adequate to obtain 7+ band in these to modules. Before coming to this institution, i was a student of a well-known IELTS coaching centre, located in Adyar, where i underwent the conventional way of training in writing session, which was inadequate to fetch me a 6.5 band for writing in all the 3 attempts. However, a month’s training at ECS IELTS boosted my confidence and i could accomplish my goal without much effort. Especially the pattern based training for writing task 2 is unique and easy to follow. Great Institution for IELTS and Overseas studies.

I am from Tambaram.I am so glad to gain 6.5 in first attempt.And the full credit is for ECS IELTS centre . Trainer takes a big effort to make students more eligible for the exam.For my higher education i want 6 points overall and I got 6.5. I am so thankful to all the teachers who help to gain this attempt.

My IELTS scores are L-7.5, S-8, W-8, R-9. I don’t have to say anything about ECS IELTS as my score card itself would let anyone know how good ECS IELTS is. In speaking and writing I just followed what they said. Not a word more or not a word less. My writing was ordinary and the score of 8 in writing simply has not sunk in yet for me. No words would be enough to thank Kiran & Nithya mam for the individual guidance they provided me. I would recommend ECS IELTS from the bottom of my heart to all the IELTS aspirants .

I take this opportunity to thank beloved Kiran mam & kalai sir who paved all the way to success. In past academic studies I used to by heart all the study materials to touch the success, but ECS IELTS has something unique that makes us more vibrant in this field. I nailed the IELTS score(7) needed for the migration on the very first attempt. I assure you ECS IELTS center won’t depress you more over it will help you to attain a self confidence to face the test positively. I strongly believe confidence is more important for a candidate like me and like everyone.  

I had a great experience with ECS IELTS. Bagged overall score of 7.5 in the very first attempt itself. All credit goes to Nithya Mam for her valuable efforts for making me achieve this. IELTS is not an elephantine task now if u go to ECS IELTS . I strongly recommend for everyone to achieve 7.5+ band.  

 Best coaching centre for IELTS. I Personally like the individual attention towards the students. All staffs were soft and kind . Trainers got wonderful accent and provide full energetic coaching during classes hours by their unique method of teaching has helped me a lot. Above all, with their encouraging words and intense method of training has supported me in all possible ways towards the exams which made me to achieve my required score.(for a doctor). Special thanks to all my trainers.. Environment is very lively to learn. Group discussion about topics were very useful. Mock tests and the available materials helped me to prepare diligently.I strongly recommend ECS  IELTS as the best centre for IELTS preparation.

I attended a 1 month training programme at ECS IELTS . I had to give my UKVI IELTS exam for my subsequent PLAB exams that required a Band score of 7.5 with a minimum of 7 in each module. I scored an overall band score of 8 and I owe my success to them.The course was indeed worth the time and money. Initially, I had joined the course only to learn about the format of the test process, but ended up learning more than what I had imagined. The staffs are well trained and easily approachable as well.

With Kiran Mam & Nithya Mam  mastery over the IELTS expectation, it is impossible for anyone not to raise their standards of IELTS. Be it reading or listening or speaking or writing, all the modules have techniques which makes Ielts just so simple. I got overall band 8 in my IELTS exam, My best wishes to ECS IELTS.

 I can say without any hesitation that ECS IELTS is the No.1 institution in India for IELTS. I had fallen for many marketing claims of many coaching centres in and around Chennai, where all I got at the end was not good tips/techniques or high score but just mediocre classes by average teachers. ECS IELTS was most different. Their teaching methods are unique and unparalleled and Kiran mam & her team a phenomenon. All thanks to ECS IELTS team for earning me my well deserved 7.5 in the IELTS exam.

The modules were made simple by the Pattern-based Writing and Method based speaking techniques & it helped me cover a vast area in just 1 month (which was all the holidays I had). I was so frightened of IELTS but when I got the score of 7.5, I was so relieved that all my efforts and all your techniques had paid off, Thanks to all my superb and fantastic trainers

I was under the impression that IELTS was easy but only after writing it twice I realised it takes a lot of effort to get 7. I made no mistake after that as I just joined ECS IELTS after reading the reviews. I found the coaching truly liberating. My heartfelt thanks to kalai Sir & Nithya mam for the 7.5 score who helped me to achieve.

My experience at ECS IELTS was simply superb. The classes were meticulous, disciplined and every minute was used productively. The learning was simply fun-filled which made IELTS easy to approach and master. The techniques were worth mentioning and I have got to say, its something. Everything becomes simple and concise. My salute to trainers. Thank you 🙂  

Highly recommended, I did my ielts general training at ECS IELTS . The writing and speaking methods by trainer was awesome . I am from a Tamil medium background and got the required score just with 2 hours of class for 1 month at ECS IELTS , My score are W7 R8 S7 L 7.  

I had no clue of what the IELTS exam was all about. Without much delay, trainers managed to put me right on track!! The tips and pointers given at ECS IELTS really made the Listening and Reading modules easy. Gradually, it became exciting to attend classes and practice sessions. The pattern based writing technique was just amazing. Once you get the pattern, then writing would not be anything difficult. Rigorous practice sessions and exposure to numerous topics, surely boost up speaking skills !! Speaking, which is normally a tough module, is made quite easy. Kiran Mam and her team at ECS IELTS, gave me a clear picture and helped build up my confidence in less than a month. Achieving an overall band score of 8 was a dream too far, but surprisingly, I successfully attained it!!! Without any doubt, the best IELTS coaching institute in India ,which I would recommend to everyone.

It was super awesome to get the score of individual 7 score I wanted with just one month of coaching . Special thanks to all my for the method based speaking techniques and pattern based writing techniques. These techniques made IELTS training very easy. I was actually not quite sure in the beginning of coaching if the techniques would get me a 7 in the exam because it was that very simple. But to my surprise, I just got 7 in writing and speaking which were my difficult modules and 8 in reading and listening. My many thanks to ECS IELTS entire team. 

ECS IELTS has developed my knowledge in English beyond imagination and provided me with the best possible training. It helped me reach new heights with band 8 in both reading and listening and obtain a 7.5 band score in speaking and 7 band score in writing. ECS IELTS presented me with all the tricks and shortcuts in getting the best band score in IELTS ,where I had to put in the least effort. I wish ECS IELTS Team and my trainer all my best wishes.

It was an extraordinary experience with ECS IELTS and I have studied their for 2 months. It changed me a lot professionally. Especially I enjoyed the classes of Nithya & Kiran mam and Kalai Sir. The patterns that they follow is outstanding.

Hats off to Kiran mam and her team for making my dream of flying abroad to come true. The techniques were simple and easy to learn. And learning is very easy in the way mam teaches us in the class. So when the score came, I was not surprised at all since I got the required score to apply for studies. 

My 1-month coaching at ECS IELTS Centre went like a breeze and one thing I would like to say is that never miss the classes. Everything I got for the exam was what we discussed in class and so getting a 7.5 score was not that difficult at all. Just attend the classes and I am sure your exam would be easy. God Bless. My sincere thanks to ECS IELTS

It was a wonderful experience at ECS IELTS Centre. I have never known such techniques in IELTS before I joined here. The techniques helped me very much in making an impact in my scores. I got my desired score of overall 8 within just a month’s coaching. ECS IELTS provides the best training for IELTS.

Given the vast syllabus of IELTS, its difficult to learn everything in a short period. ECS IELTS stands out in that regard as their techniques have immensely helped me learn it in a short time of one month, especially speaking and writing modules which I found to be most difficult. The techniques are such a blessing for me as everything was given in a capsule format. Thanks mam.

You don’t need to look anywhere else for an IELTS coach, Join ECS IELTS ! The teachers are extremely competent, considerate and motivating. I got an overall band of 8.5 and it is certainly because of ECS IELTS efficient and effective way of teaching by employing faster and simpler working methods !

You can also visit ECS IELTS facebook page by visiting their website to analyse real score card of students with Band 8 and 8.5. To my opinion ECS IELTS is the best place for learning IELTS across world. Thank you very much Mam.

One of the best places in India for IELTS coaching. I did a 1 month crash course and could achieve a band 8. The methodology and techniques used in ECS was outstanding. Would strongly recommend it to everyone. 

I was a weekend batch student of ECS IELTS .Even though I’ve attended only 2-3 classes the guidance I got from ECS IELTS is invaluable and helped me in getting a score of L-8, R-8.5,S-8,W-7 in the very first attempt itself . Really appreciate the tips and tricks taught by Mr. Kalai and Nithya mam. 

I feel that I should give a review to ECS IELTS . I had tried IELTS many times but had failed to get any relief as I failed to get the high score of 7 in the two modules, speaking and writing.

I had attended coaching classes across chennai and bangalore and naturally I was doubtful if they could help me out with a proper score.The first day at ECS IELTS was a bit confusing and at the same time thrilling as it was an entirely different way of teaching have never experienced before. I struggled with writing initially as what I was taught was beyond what I have learnt across the length and breadth of different places. But after a few classes when I understood Kiran mam’s pattern in writing, I cannot just explain my feeling, as it made writing very simple. After the classes, I could write essays with much clarity and speed. Speaking too was made simple and Kiran mam gave with top 25 questions was enough to boost my confidence. With that I gave my IELTS exam last month and I am glad to say that I secured 7.5 in all modules. It was neat effort from Kiran mam and Nithya mam that I have no one to thank but you.Thank you for what you have done and please keep up the nice classes u provide. 
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