ECS IELTS is an internationally acclaimed English language school located in Chennai.

  1. We offer a variety of English language courses to suit all proficiency levels.
  2. Our Language courses aim to be the best of all English schools in the city.
  3. Whether your need is General English, Business English or Academic English we guarantee to meet your learning objectives.

Objective of the training program

  • To provide direction to students on language skill through innovative pedagogical method.
  • Each aspect of language will be taken into account: Writing, Speaking, Reading & Listening.
  • Our ultimate goal is irrespective of familiarity of any situation students should speak English eloquently and precisely.


Playway method

We make learning fun & enjoyable because students learn better if they enjoy being in the classroom.

Group learning

We ask students to work in pairs and in groups so they develop real-life communication skills.

Taylor made material

We use course books produced by top publishers and materials created by our teachers.

We expect students to play an active part while learning.

Inductive Method

  • It begins with specific details, concrete data and example and ends with an abstract.
  • Learners are more engaged in the teaching-learning process.
  • Learning becomes more interesting at the outset because we begin with the experiences of our students. Begin with what they know. It helps the development of our learners’ higher order thinking skills. To see patterns and analyse the same in order to arrive at generalizations requires analytical thinking. 

Benefits for the students

  • Learner will be able to produce the target language successfully.
  • Learner will be able to speak at length on familiar Topic.
  • Learner will develop confidence to attempt an unfamiliarised topic without hesitation.
  • All parameter of English language will be incorporated in training to meet the linguistic objective.
  • Learner will be educated on function language therefor student can make most out of it.
  • Lesson will be contextualised so that student can easily relate themselves while learning the language.
  • Controlled practise and free practice will give the sense of improvement and develop self-confidence in the student.

Benefits for institution

Language skills for international workplace

 ECS IELTS courses are designed to help your student communicate more effectively in an international work environment. Your student set apart in crowd that brings name among employers. 

World wide recognition

ECS IELTS is recognized  by many employers, international corporations and many universities and colleges around the world. Your institution name will be awarded with that recognition after associating with ECS IELTS.

International certification

After completion of each course when student pass the exam, student is awarded a certificate by University of Cambridge ESOL Examination or Westminster  College London as a proof of his/her qualification.

Fairness and Relevance

ECS IELTS courses  are backed  by extensive research  and each portion of syllabus is trialled and pretested  to make sure it is fair whatever your institution’s core discipline, first language of student, background and cultural.

Accreditation,  Achievements
& Certifications 

ECS IELTS has been certified as an official test registration centre for IELTS . It has been awarded and certified by British Council & IDP Australia.

ECS IELTS has been certified as an official test registration centre for TOEFL & GRE . It has been awarded and certified by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

ECS IELTS has been certified as an official exam preparation centre for Cambridge Exams. It has been awarded and certified by Cambridge ESOL.

ECS IELTS has been affiliated as a partner school of Westminster College London accredited by International TEFL Accreditation Council ( ITEFLAC) to offer TESOL and TEFL preparation and certification. 

ECS IELTS holds the best IELTS exam result in India by scoring IELTS Band (8.5).

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